Live help down time

Our websites are always UK based (unlike our competitors), however,

Our mirror site / servers.

We are facing a sudden power outage and the dashboard, widget and website is temporarily down. Our NYC data centre is experiencing significant flooding as a result of Hurricane Sandy. Zopim, along the rest of New York, is expected to go dark for a couple of hours.

In the event of scheduled downtime, we actually have contingency plans to keep the service running. Typically, our data centre has available fuel reserves to go on for at least 5 more hours without power, giving us sufficient time to react. However, this time round the flooding caused by Hurricane Sandy has submerged and destroyed the fuel pumps, rendering the fuel reserves useless. All services affected by the power outage were suddenly taken offline without notice. There was nothing we could do about this.

Fortunately, our blog is still running (from another data centre) so we’ll keep you posted with updates. In the meantime, we pray for the safety of our fellow friends at the NYC data centres. Hopefully they have all evacuated in time.

This is only effecting the live chat / help service

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